• Results Based Workouts

    Latitude 47 Fitness invites members to pursue various disciplines of training, nutrition, and stretching techniques in order to maximize results. Complete the experience by recovering and rejuvenating mind, body and spirit, customized to meet your individual needs.

  • Muscle Growing

    In keeping with our philosophy, Latitude 47 Fitness encourages members to build a personal program of training, nutrition, and recovery techniques in order to maximize results.

    Latitude 47 Fitness also offers signature packages including 'Latitude 47 FitnessTRX, Crossfit Style Training, Tanning and More....Your Membership Advisor, paired with Latitude 47 FitnessConcierge will be glad to help develop a complete wellness package catered to your needs and goals

  • Specialty Classes

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    Latitude 47 Fitness embraces intertwined wellness and a mind, body and soul philosophy. Personal Training, TRX, Boxing, Kettlebell, Crossfit Style Training, Semi Private Training, and Nutritional Guidance.

    Programs are united allowing members to design a lifestyle program that serves their goals and visions.

    The entire Latitude 47 Fitness team is committed to anticipating needs and exceeding expectations.

  • Boxing

    Latitude 47 Fitness boxing fitness classes improve Strength, Flexibility, Endurance and Mental Focus. These classes are non-conta and contact based. People of all fitness levels are welcome at latitude 47 Fitness, and no experience is necessary to enjoy this
    all-body, stress-releasing, confidence-boosting workout.

    Whether you are used to working out, have gotten away from the habit, or this is your first workout ever, the Coaches will work with you to increase your fitness level.

    We offer the a range of skin and body treatments to enhance your well-being; treatments which nourish, heal, and balance.

    Our goal is to provide improvement not only in your body, but also your psyche, your attitude and in the way you feel about taking care of yourself.

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